"Saddle Chic" Bath Ideas

(ARA) - Girls are wearing pink cowboy boots with cocktail dresses and dirndl skirts around Chicago. Both guys and gals alike don cowboy hats in New York City. Pony print hair on hide furniture is showing up on the pages of magazines such as Western Interiors. Urban barbeque restaurants, like Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke in New York, are all the rage. Leather sofas, pillows, chairs and rugs are showing up not just in the den but throughout the home. Even denim is making its way into living spaces. This new western inspired look, coined "Saddle Chic," is rustic, yet refined. It's down to earth.

Bring the look into your home with willow furniture, stone, copper and wrought iron. Combine exposed woods such as pine, walnut, oak and cedar in natural or distressed finishes with cotton and corduroy to give a cozy feel. Earth tones such as terra cotta, deep purple, green and brown enhance the warmth and feel of natural materials. Try just a touch of the "Saddle Chic" or do an entire room -- even the bathroom. Since the natural material may not be the best solution in this case, you can achieve the look by using ceramic tile from Spain.

Ceramic tile offers a practical and savvy answer to incorporating this refined, yet rustic sensibility into your home. Easy to clean and maintain, tiles offer an eco-friendly approach to decorating. Because they are made from 100 percent plentiful and natural raw materials, ceramics are chemically inert so they inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, and improve the air quality by reducing allergens. Variations in color, texture and design allow consumers to create their own custom-designed space.

Leather in the bathroom? Not very practical you may say. But Spanish tile manufacturers are introducing products that capture the feeling of these materials with the advantages of tile. With Diago's Cuero series, which looks like leather, you could have the only "leather" shower stall on your block!

Make the look even more interesting with wood. Ceramic tile with a wood look will not warp, fade or require refinishing. This makes it the ideal choice for a moisture ridden space such as a bath. The Natura series by Grespania is porcelain stoneware inspired by the beauty of dark and light toned wood species in sizes similar to that of natural wood planks. Wood doesn't have to stay on the floor either. Consider using the look on the walls with Hispano Azul's Irati Collection, which offers wood-feel wall tiles.

Stone is central to the rustic "Saddle Chic" ambience as well, but, natural stone in a bathroom may not be practical. However, there is a ceramic tile solution. Go for a pebble look with Ceramica Gomez's Nilo series; or for a rustic, rugged wall, the Urbe Series, which resembles quarried stone by Halcon, a Spanish tile manufacturer, is available in beige, cream, red and moss. If you want to refine the rustic a little more, consider a marble look in ceramic. You'll get the look and feel of the natural material, but the benefit of easy care and maintenance of tile. Azulev's Florencia series, an elegant rapolano marble inspired porcelain wall tile can be combined with the leather or wood look floor tiles. The Florencia series comes in a range of pieces and sizes for vanities and countertops, moldings and mosaics.

Include some metal with a weathering steel. This sophisticated look can be very modern, but will add a refined edge to the western style. Spanish manufacturer, Tau, offers the Corten series with a background of copper brown with green streaking for a remarkable resemblance to naturally oxidizing steel.

The key is to mix the core elements: leather, wood, stone and metal to achieve the "Saddle Chic" look. Ceramic tile from Tile of Spain manufacturers lets you be creative with the combinations to achieve a space that suits your style. Mix tile formats in the bathroom space to give each area its own personality. For example, try a 1 inch by 1inch mosaic in the vanity area and perhaps a 24 inch by 48 inch slab tile in the shower area.

Many choices go into designing a bathroom. The first step is to compile an idea folder and define your style. Consider "Saddle Chic" -- it's easy to accomplish in any room when you choose ceramic tile from Spain. For more information about Spanish tile manufacturers, visit www.spaintiles.info .

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