A Quick Guide to Satellite TV Options

If you're thinking about changing to satellite TV, you may have questions about your satellite TV options--the different providers, cost, and equipment. Read on for answers to those questions.

Satellite TV Providers

The main Satellite TV providers in the U.S. are:

  • DirecTV
  • DISH Network
  • GlobeCast WorldTV
  • VOOM
  • Several other smaller providers.

Check out price/product comparison sites to help choose a provider.

Satellite TV Cost

Competition between satellite TV dealers means you can get a complete satellite TV package for free, including installation. However, free packages are dependent on payment for specific satellite programming services. It may be cheaper in the long term to pay for equipment and installation if you opt for a cheaper programming service.

Satellite TV Equipment

To receive satellite TV programs, you need:

  • A satellite TV dish to capture the broadcast signal from the satellite.
  • A satellite TV receiver to convert the broadcast signal and transmit it to your television.

You can also choose to get extras such as:

  • A digital video recorder (DVR) receiver, which allows you to record your favorite shows, bypass commercials, and pause live TV. DVR receivers are available free as part of some satellite TV packages.
  • A high definition (HD) receiver, which allows you to view HDTV. These are also usually available free as part of a package.

You do not need to purchase a new television in order to receive satellite TV.

Why Satellite TV?

Satellite TV has many advantages over cable TV. Satellite TV options offer:

  • A larger choice of channels, including more movies, sports programs, high definition (HD), and international programming.
  • Greater reliability, with less outages, on average, than cable.

With a little research you can get the right satellite TV option for you, at the right price, with minimal disruption at installation.

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