Seamless Gutters - The Pros and Cons

Seamless gutters have become The Preferred Thing nowadays if you are remodeling, re-roofing or just replacing your gutter system. So why are seamless gutters so great and sectional gutters suddenly inadequate?

Are Seamless Gutters Actually Better?

The obvious advantage to seamless gutters is the absence of seams. Sectional gutters come in 8 to 20 foot lengths, so at some point along the side of your house, there will be a seam between two sections of gutter. Regardless of how the seams are connected, eventually they will present the most likely place for a leak to happen. So, logically, eliminating the seams will decrease the chances of your gutters leaking.

Do Sectional Gutters Always Leak?

That’s like asking if cars always break down. Yes, a car will eventually break down if you drive it long enough, and a gutter will leak if it stays in place long enough. The deciding factors will be the quality of materials and the method of installation.

Are Seamless Gutters Really Seamless?

If you prefer precise definitions, then no, seamless gutters are not completely seamless. The gutters do actually have seams at the corners of the house. The alternative to that is to find a way to form the gutters, corners and downspouts from a single piece of material, which may be possible but is certainly not affordable.

Who Can Install Seamless Gutters?

Anyone could install seamless gutters; all that is needed is $10,000 for the extrusion machine, the materials and whatever license, insurance and building permits are required in your area. As with any home improvement professionals, you should have estimates and referrals from a seamless gutter installer before you award the job.

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