Consider Copper Gutters for your Home

Are copper gutters a good investment for your home? They can be if you like the look, appreciate the quality, and have the money. If you only think of gutters in practical terms, seamless aluminum gutters should meet your needs. If you like a little patina with your practicality, though, maybe copper gutters are worth considering.

Copper Gutters Look Great

Believe it or not, gutters are a very visible part of your home. Recently, the trend has been to match the gutters with the siding so that they become invisible. Another approach, though, is to use the gutters to frame your home with style and character. Copper gutters accomplish this beautifully. Copper requires no finish, so the new gutters will have a beautiful shine, and as they age they will develop a charming patina.

Copper Gutters Last for Years

Copper is sturdier than vinyl or aluminum, so ladders and branches won’t easily damage your gutters. Additionally, copper won’t rust and will resist salt and airborne pollutants. Copper does not play well with certain metals, though, so you should only use brass, copper or bronze fasteners for your copper gutters.

Copper Gutters Look Expensive

…because they are. Copper itself is very expensive, and is normally professionally installed, which isn’t cheap, either. If you opt for a sectional copper gutter, the sections will have to be soldered together, which requires skill and time from either the homeowner or the installer. Fortunately, seamless copper gutters are less expensive to install than sectional ones, because less soldering is required. Seamless gutters, of course, are always professionally installed.

Should your home have copper gutters? If you have the money, appreciate quality materials, and want to wrap your home in character, copper gutters may meet your needs.

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