Copper Gutters

Copper gutters and downspouts help remove water from your roof and away from your home, just like aluminum gutters and downspouts. The difference is most people choose a color for their aluminum gutters hoping they blend in with the exterior trim and become almost invisible. However, if you have copper gutters, you want people to notice them. Copper gutters make your home stand out, just as an oak front door, a decorative entry lock, or brick keystones over your windows can make a style statement. Your house looks distinctive and elegant, and they become an architectural detail of your home.

Copper gutters may not be for every house, but if your home has colonial style, a brick or stone veneer, or wood lap siding, they could be just the architectural detail you have been looking for. When copper gutters are first installed, they have the bright finish that you may have seen on copper cooking kettles, but with every passing year their color gradually changes. After many years, they become a deep, weathered green.

Copper gutters are styled in the fashion of old colonial gutters, and are held in place with decorative supports rather than modern gutter spikes. Round downspouts help complete the unique look that copper gutters can give your home.

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