Gutter Covers - Protecting your Gutter System

Gutter covers can be a sensible investment for protecting your gutter system, which in turn preserves your home. That’s quite a responsibility for one product, so you should definitely research before buying. Below we describe some different styles of gutter covers to help you make an educated decision about what to buy.

Filter-type Gutter Covers

These gutter covers act as sieves, separating water from roof debris. There are many theories about the ideal filter, and several products based on each theory.

  • Micro-mesh filters have incredibly fine holes through which water can pass but leaves and pine needles cannot. In theory, whatever force of nature is knocking the debris off your roof will knock the debris off of the micro-mesh as well. That theory has proven fairly sound, in this case.
  • Punched sheets of plastic or metal work on the same theory as micro-mesh, but with less stellar results. They effectively filter large leaves, but pine needles and seed pods get stuck upright in the larger holes, which causes other problems.
  • Sponge-style filters are simply cellulose-fiber sponges stuffed into your gutters. Water can pass through them, but some material will stick to the fibers, and sometimes sprout. Please avoid these systems. They’re simply not effective.

Reverse-Curve Gutter Covers

These gutter covers are solid, with one edge curving under and directing water into the gutter, yet allowing the debris to slide off the front edge and to the ground. Their effectiveness depends on the individual product, the rate of water flow, and the amount of debris.

Take your time and ask around before you invest in gutter covers. It is important that you choose the right system and spend what’s necessary in order to get what’s needed.

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