Wood Gutters

Although wood gutters were once installed on most houses, today wood gutters are used primarily on historic renovations and custom homes. Compared to the less expensive steel and vinyl rain gutters that are now widely available, wood gutters are heavier and require more maintenance and care. Nonetheless, wood gutters are strong and beautiful, and they can add a unique touch of craftsmanship to your home that may set it apart from other houses.

Wood gutters are manufactured from solid pieces of redwood, fir, or cedar - all types of wood that are naturally rot resistant. The wood pieces are shaped to create a trough profile, which collects and carries the water to the leader or downspout. The downspout can be made from steel, copper, or PVC, but it is usually covered in wood to match the aesthetic of the wood gutters. Oftentimes, the outside of the gutter is painted, while the inside of the trough is sealed with shingle oil, allowing the wood to breath and protecting it from the rain and sun. If you apply protective oil to your wood gutters every year, and continue regular maintenance, your wood gutters may last as long as 80 years.

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