Build This, Not That: Five Key Features That Today's Homebuyers Want

Whether you're renovating your existing home or building an entirely new one, resale value is a significant consideration when undergoing home construction of any kind. A recent Yahoo! Finance article covered what today's homebuilders (and buyers) are looking for--and what they're ditching as outdated, overdone, or simply impractical. Consider these key factors when building or renovating your home.

1. Instead of quantity, choose quality.

Many homebuyers are looking to downsize with their next home. What they sacrifice in square footage, however, they want to make up for in quality. Homes with green appliances and energy efficient windows and insulation are a big draw for buyers. Family-style open areas and flexible spaces as opposed to fixed-purpose rooms are also favored attractions.

2. Instead of a formal dining room, upgrade the kitchen.

One area where buyers agree they want space and quality is in the kitchen. Large kitchens with islands are a must-have for many buyers, and those that connect to open family rooms are most popular. The focus on family and casual entertaining has overtaken the desire for a formal sitting room that serves only one purpose.

3. Instead of a whirlpool bath, go for a walk-in shower.

While whirlpool baths are still fairly popular, the newer trend is towards large bathtubs and showers. A walk-in shower with a sitting area or a large soaker tub in the master bathroom can be a great alternative to a whirlpool bath, and a more modern option.

4. Instead of a home theater, choose a home office.

Home theaters are quickly becoming a relic of the real-estate bubble that burst several years ago. Today's homebuyers tend to be more practical, and want functional spaces that serve every day needs.

5. Instead of an outdoor cooking area, consider an outdoor living room.

As family and togetherness becomes a more central theme in the home market, so do outdoor spaces. Pleasantly blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, an outdoor living room provides the perfect balance of comfort and nature.

Make sure your hard-earned dollars are well spent, and the house you build today will meet your needs tomorrow.

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