Four Ways to Include Your Kids in Home Improvement Projects

If you have kids, why not give them a role in your home improvement projects? Including little ones (or not-so-little ones) in the process gives you precious time together, teaches them new skills, and provides a sense of ownership in the final outcome.

1. Design and planning

Whatever the scope of your project, from choosing throw pillows to building an entirely new home, kids are full of creative home design ideas. Most children don't filter their thoughts the way adults do, so brainstorming comes very naturally. You don't have to say "yes" when they suggest a bright pink dining room or Spider-man themed sheets for the master bedroom, but including your kids and listening to their ideas can be great fun for both of you. And maybe you'll decide that a bright pink dining room is just the lively change your home needs!

2. Painting

Changing paint color is an easy way to alter the feeling of a room and to involve your kids in home improvement. Allow them to use a brush or roller on large open spaces on the wall while you work on trim and other details. The beauty of painting is that any mistakes can usually be cleaned up or painted over quite easily. Allowing children to choose the paint colors for their own rooms can be especially exciting for them.

3. Installing

Kids are fascinated by trying to figure out how things work. Encourage your children to help with or observe the installation of products and structures. If you are having a new house built, bring the whole family for a visit every week or two to check things out. If you're having a patio installed, allow your daughter to watch as they pour the concrete. If you replace your refrigerator, include your son in the installation procedures.

4. Building

If you enjoy home projects, putting a hammer in your child's hands for the first time can be magical. Whether putting together furniture, building a tree house, or drilling holes in the wall for new shelves, kids can jump right in and help. They can hold nails, steady wood, hammer, measure, and run to get more materials from the garage. You'll both enjoy the process of creating something and, even more, doing it together.

Home improvements and repairs are part of being a homeowner. Including your kids in home design plans and projects will give you a chance to make the most of your home and your relationship with the kids.

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