Five Tips for Home Offices That Really Feel Like Home

Personal and professional can blend harmoniously in your home office, but it can take a bit of planning to achieve that balance. Read on to find out some important tips for transforming your at-home office into a haven.

Just Say No to Corporate Furniture

The best way to keep your home office from feeling like your work office is to keep the biggest items in the room--like your desk and work table--in your style, not the generic corporate style. A family-style dining table can double as a work table, and old-fashioned desks can add a bit of charm to your work space.

Incorporate Non-Traditional Storage

Purchasing all of your office organizing materials at big box office supply stores can give your home office an institutional feel. Instead, try bringing in an antique cabinet to hold papers and other supplies. For small items and loose papers, you can use decorative tiered baskets. These items work as well as a traditional file cabinet or in-box while giving your office the homey feel you desire.

Choose Lighting That Works

Good natural light is always a plus for your home office. Additionally, a combination of task lighting and overhead lighting can achieve the perfect warmth-meets-function balance. Choose a good reading or work lamp to reduce eye strain, and banish fluorescent ceiling lighting from the picture.

Add Artwork and Other Personal Touches

Family photos are staple items in most offices, but the beauty of having your own space is adding even more personal touches. Framed artwork, maps, and family pictures can decorate your walls in abundance, and fresh flowers in your office can keep you inspired all day. The boss won't be poking their nose in, so add as many personal elements as you like.

Simple Shelving Solutions

There are plenty of alternatives to sterile file cabinets, and open shelving may be the best of them. Organized open shelving can allow you to find your belongings more easily. You can even appropriate a wine storage unit into a perfectly compartmentalized space for rolled-up papers.

Your work space doesn't have to feel drab and boring. Add a few personal elements and you might even work better than before in a home office that truly feels like home.

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