Planning a Home Gym

(ARA) - Finding time for yourself is key to staying healthy and happy! The Philips Designing At Home campaign and Shape magazine have teamed up to help you stick to your New Year’s fitness resolution by creating your own personal gym right in the comforts of your home.

Having a home workout area does not have to be overwhelming! With a little bit of planning, and budgeting, you can easily transform space in your house into a personal fitness area. When you’re getting started, here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind:

• Determine your personal fitness goals. To avoid expensive equipment gathering dust in your home, figure out what types of exercises you enjoy doing and what you can commit to. Having realistic goals will help you achieve your desired workout space with the most beneficial equipment. You also want to have enough room to comfortably work out.

• Find a proper location. Determine an area in your home that will have enough room for you to have an efficient workout, and remember to consider extra space needed for stretching. If you need your home gym to be out of sight or have added privacy, think of using either a spare room or basement. Most importantly, make sure you are creating your gym in an area of the home you will want to spend time in.

• Tone up your technology. Having the right technology in your gym will help you stay current with your workout. By adding a small 15 inch television and DVD player, you can enjoy all of your favorite fitness DVDs. Placing the entertainment equipment on wall shelves can help eliminate bulky entertainment centers that take up too much space. For those who enjoy working out to their favorite tunes, a small MP3 player or audio system added to the room is a must. The Philips Nike MP3 player combines exercise performance monitoring with a 256MB MP3 player -- the first product in the market to offer this combination.

• Add your own personal design touch to the space. Be creative and have fun. Look at magazines and online to research what style suits you. Overall, you want your gym to be a reflection of you, so consider enhancements that make your space a sanctuary. Adding pictures of places you enjoy, family photos, movie posters or trophies can help personalize your room.

• Lighten up your gym. Another great way to make a huge difference in the appearance of the space is lighting. Areas that have great natural light are ideal for gym areas, but if you are working out in a room with no windows or a basement, try using floor lamps and track lighting. For cooler lighting that will help you feel comfortable even as your temperature rises, consider the Philips HomeLight Cool White. These linear fluorescent bulbs feature comfortable, pleasing light. After all, when you're hot from working out, cool lighting can help you feel more relaxed. The soft lighting is also ideal for yoga buffs seeking to create a mellow atmosphere. For an additional personal touch, add a dimmer switch for perfect lighting for your day and evening workouts.

• Put accessories to work. Think beyond the equipment -- think about the smaller products that will make your gym blend in with the rest of your home. By simply painting your home gym a bright or cool color, you can motivate yourself to work out on a regular basis. Consider adding mirrors to a wall, this will help to make a space look larger -- and you can even check out your form and posture while exercising! Adding a small Philips stereo or FlatTV, candles, and shelving can help motivate you to spend time in your workout room.

With your workout goals in mind and some planning and design, you may be more likely to stick to your workout regimen in the New Year! If one of your last minute resolutions is to stay healthy and fit, consider making your home gym a welcoming, beautiful space that is both relaxing and energizing. This is a great gift to give to someone you love or even yourself!

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