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Home lighting is one of the most important adjuncts to your home. Outdoor home lighting discourages crime and provides safe walkways, while indoor lighting enables you to work, read, and see effectively. Home lighting can also be used as a decorating tool to change the appearance or ambiance of a room. Accent lights for artwork, display shelves, and bookshelves make a room look richer, while wall sconces provide soft, indirect light. Track lighting and strategically placed floor and table lamps can make a room appear larger or smaller, bright or intimate. Home lighting ideas for decorating are limited only by your imagination.

Today there are many advances in home lighting that were not available as recently as ten years ago. The old incandescent light bulb will soon go the way of the dinosaurs, replaced by energy-efficient mini-fluorescents and LEDs (light emitting diodes). Although newer home lighting technologies are currently more expensive than old light bulbs, they have much longer life and lower energy consumption. Prices will also come down as manufacturers find more efficient ways to produce them.

Use these new technologies and decorating techniques to reduce energy consumption and transform the look of your home on a modest budget.

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