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Fifty years ago the "American Dream" for a family was to have the house with a picket fence. Today your family can still have that house with a picket fence, or you can have one of the many other options in home fencing that are now available.

A family who enjoys an old fashioned look may still want to install a wood picket fence with a white wash or painted finish. If you like the picket fence style, but not the labor involved in maintaining it, try one of the many types of low maintenance PVC home fencing. PVC fencing is usually white, but other colors are available, and PVC fencing can be purchased in many standard heights.

If you prefer a Gothic look, try wrought iron fencing around your home. Wrought iron fencing can be purchased for homeowner installations, or can be installed by ornamental iron contractors. And if it's privacy you're after, privacy home fencing around a rear yard, can be installed with moisture treated wood, generally five or six feet tall.

Finally, for keeping your pets in your yard, the neighbors' pets out of your yard, or even keeping wildlife away from your garden, chain link home fencing is a favorite option. Whatever your family's tastes or needs, there is a home fencing choice that can work for you.

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