House Cleaning

Everyone knows the importance of a clean house; health benefits and stress relief are just a couple of reasons to maintain a clean home. But not everyone has the time to do a deep clean as often as they should. Here are a few easy house cleaning tricks that will help keep your home looking great in between cleanings. Also included are some simple stain removal tricks as well.

Speedy house cleaning

Sometimes a deep cleaning isn't really necessary, but picking up messes doesn't seem like quite enough. There are a few tricks to give your home the appearance of being spotless, only you will know different. One place that can be quickly cleaned is the high corners of the walls. Cobwebs and dust gather there and because dust holds odor, cleaning the corners will help your home smell fresher and look better. Sweeping and vacuuming floors are another way to make your home appear neat. The biggest speedy house cleaning trick, though is to simply keep things picked up on a regular basis, so when company comes, you will be ready.

House cleaning tricks for stain removal

Another part of house cleaning is stain removal. Clothes are not the only things that get stained. Couches, carpets, footstools, mattresses and even countertops and cutting boards are all household items that tend to get stained and removing them is an important part of keeping a clean house. An easy way to take grease out of a carpet is to rub a little paint thinner, then wash with clean water. Ammonia is great for getting out urine accidents on non-washable things, such as mattresses and couches. Just make sure you don't let the ammonia sit too long, rinse and blot with clean water.

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