House Cleaning Prices

There are two schools of thought when it comes to hiring someone to clean a home. One is that going with a national chain provides you with better service, more efficient cleaning, and professionals trained in every aspect of cleaning. The people who choose independent contractors believe it is important to establish a relationship with their house cleaning person. Lower house cleaning prices are also a reason why people choose independent contractors over national chains. It is up to each homeowner to decide what is important to them.

House cleaning prices of nationwide chains

House cleaning prices of nationwide chains are usually higher than those of independent contractors. The national average for trained cleaning professionals is $30 per hour, but depending on the location of the home, and the amount of work involved, the cost could be as much as $50-$75 per person per hour. The per person rate is worth mentioning because most chains will send a two or three person "team," as opposed to an individual contractor, who is usually just one person. An advantage of having a team, though is that the job will get done quicker, which may mean it actually costs less than hiring an individual.

House cleaning prices of independent contractors

There is much more variation in house cleaning prices of independent cleaning contractors than with national chains. Again, the average cost is $30 per hour, but some independent contractors are more likely to charge by the room or even by the house. Location of the home is a big factor in the cost; bigger cities have higher prices than smaller towns. National chains are much more likely to offer package deals at a discount, but hiring an independent contractor often means a more personal relationship between homeowner and employee, which is basically what an individual becomes. These people tend to be a little more thorough as well, because for a self-employed person, customer service is the key to more work.

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