Winter Heating Checklist: 7 Tips for Homeowners

With the rapid approach of harsh winter weather to many parts of the country, smart homeowners know that extra precautions are necessary to protect the home and save money in home heating maintenance costs. To better protect your home's central heating from treacherous weather, consider some of the tips below.

  1. Schedule a professional checkup. Having a service professional like an HVAC contractor check out your central heating system may be the best way to ensure savings all season long. A professional can troubleshoot any problem with your heating system that might cause a malfunction down the road, and save a bundle in time and money.
  2. Change furnace air filters. For a heating system to work properly, air filters should be replaced or cleaned when needed. After surviving the summer months, your filters probably need a replacement before winter strikes.
  3. Test the furnace before the first snowfall. Turn on your central heating for a test run. If you don't feel heat coming from the vents, contact a service professional to come take a closer look.
  4. Make sure air vents are not blocked. Proper ventilation ensures that warm air from the central heating system reaches every part of a room. Remove any curtains, furniture, or other objects that may be blocking ventilation.
  5. Adjust air vents for optimal air circulation. Sometimes small adjustments can make all the difference. Close air vents near the ceiling and open those close to the floor to make the most of your central heating during winter months.
  6. Consider replacing older heating systems. If your heating system is more than fifteen years old, upgrading to a more energy efficient unit can be a short-term investment with long-term savings.
  7. Don't forget the humidifier. Have your home's humidifier cleaned and checked annually. An HVAC home humidifier provides humidity to the entire house, but can lose effectiveness during very cold weather. This can mean a drop from 40 to 55 percent effectiveness to 5 percent effectiveness in some circumstances. Prevent dry air and scratchy throats, as well as higher utility bills, by keeping your home's humidifier up to speed.

With these items checked off your winter heating to-do list, you can rest comfortably knowing you're getting the most from your home's central heating, and saving quite a bit on your home heating bills in the process.

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