Fifteen Tips for a More Organized Kitchen

Whether you're a top chef or a weekend kitchen warrior, a well-organized space can make a world of difference. With these simple tricks, you can make the most of your time in the kitchen.

  1. Save money on a pricey spice rack by organizing spices in uniform jars with labeled tops and storing them in a convenient drawer.
  2. Have a rack above the oven range for your most used items like salt and pepper, cooking oil, and kitchen timers
  3. Keep flour and sugar within reach, whether on the counter or in an easy-to-reach cupboard.
  4. Your favorite kitchen utensils should also be within easy reach. Cooking utensils can be arranged in a canister on the counter, while forks, knives, and spoons can be organized in a cutlery tray in a drawer.
  5. Install slide-out cabinet organizers to keep your pots, pans, and lids in order. No more rummaging through stacks of cookware!
  6. Group your take-out and delivery menus together in a binder, organized by type of cuisine.
  7. Food storage containers can be labeled with dry erase markers for easy identification.
  8. Organize the junk drawer by placing all those tiny, loose items like screws, thumbtacks, and rubber bands into empty votive candles or similar small containers.
  9. In a hurry in the mornings? Keep your breakfast essentials--toaster, juicer, coffee maker--grouped together for simplicity's sake.
  10. Use large baskets to hold items like cutting boards that don't always fit into cupboards.
  11. A bread bin will not only keep all of your bread in one place, but will also keep it fresher.
  12. Use your available wall space for racks or hooks to keep dishtowels, pots, and pans within your sight.
  13. Things tend to get lost in deep shelving. To solve this nuisance, use small baskets to hold like items together.
  14. Streamline the recycling area with bins for different types of recycling, as well as for your regular trash, grouped together.
  15. Labeling the leftovers in your fridge can make cleaning out the refrigerator a simpler task. Just write the date on the container when you place it in the fridge, and later you'll know when to throw it out.

A well-organized kitchen can be a joy to cook in, and you just might find it saves time, as well. Treat yourself to a clutter-free kitchen and see what you can whip up in your new space!


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