Save With Kitchen Makeover Instead of a Full Remodel

Kitchen fanatics can learn some great techniques by strolling around home-and-garden shows. New countertop materials, cabinet solutions, hardware, and appliance options are turning up to provide low-cost ways to do a kitchen makeover.

Inexpensive New Countertops Done Right

Don’t let the hoopla over granite and marble break your bank. CeasarStone is 93 percent crushed quartz and provides a tough, nonporous, and easy-to-maintain surface that will freshen the look of your whole kitchen.

Cabinet and Hardware Ideas

You may have read about inexpensive cabinet-refacing and resurfacing options, but how about removing cabinets in favor of open shelving? This option is inexpensive and provides an open, airy look. You'll want to eliminate clutter though that may be hidden in your old cabinets. Otherwise, simply replacing cabinet hardware and hinges can add a personal touch and create a subtle, new look.

Don't Replace When New Parts Will Do the Trick

A new faucet or refrigerator face can freshen up your kitchen when you already have good functionality. Kitchen makeovers provide fun new looks without breaking the bank - and you'll never have to break out a sledgehammer either.

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