Bright Ideas: Tips to Liven Up Your Kitchen

Many people's kitchens perform several functions, such as dining room, food preparation area, and party center. Because your kitchen can see lots of traffic, you should make sure that your kitchen design looks inviting. Use natural light, warm colors, and houseplants to breathe new life into your kitchen's design.

Interior Decorating Tip #1: Increase Natural Lighting

If your dining table is in your kitchen area, install French doors nearby. The glass surfaces allow sun to pass through, creating a lovely ambiance during mealtime. You might also think about installing skylights, which can create vibrant light and shadow effects. Also, get rid of any fluorescent lights--their harsh lighting makes your kitchen look dull and flat. Instead, use under-cabinet lighting, above-cabinet lighting, track lighting, or pendant lights. Softer lighting helps create movement and visual interest.

Interior Decorating Tip #2: Swap Your Color Scheme

Does your kitchen have a drab color scheme? Spice up the design with a fresh coat of paint. When painting, stick to energetic whites and yellows. Also, an occasional dash of bright color, such as a red dishtowel or a fruit bowl, can add bold accents. You may also wish to hang colorful paintings and photographs on your kitchen walls.

Interior Decorating Tip #3: Make Use of Houseplants

Not only can plants help a kitchen feel lively, they can add oxygen to the air. Homeowners frequently place houseplants in windows, on top of refrigerators, and above cabinets. You can also invest in a plant stand. Popular low-maintenance houseplants include Chinese evergreens, cast iron plants, snake plants, and dracaenas.

With a little effort, you can turn your kitchen into the perfect place to host parties, cook food, and eat meals.


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