Low Maintenance Succulents Provide Texture and Color

If you want an attractive lawn and garden scheme, but don't have a lot of time for lawn care, gardens featuring a variety of succulents can provide plenty of interest. Succulents are plants native to arid climates. They are generally hardy, but may not endure extremes of blazing sun and freezing. Succulents are typically pest-resistant and require little care. For condo dwellers, succulents planted in a collection of ceramic pots can add interest to a patio or small lawn.

Easy Lawn Care and No Thorns

Succulents are easily confused with cacti, which are notorious for their thorns. Some varieties of succulents have serrated leaves or small "teeth," but they are typically less hazardous to your fingers than cacti. Succulents can be planted along with varieties of cacti to provide ground cover and additional color. Succulents have fleshy leaves that vary in color from silver blue to bronze, red, and purple. Given sufficient light, succulents may also grow stalks of brightly colored yellow, pink, or orange blooms. Succulents vary considerably in appearance due to growth habit and structure. The "split stone" succulents are brownish gray and resemble a smooth stone that has been cut in half. Other succulents may feature velvety leaves in narrow or paddle-like shapes. Sedums are delicate ground covers with multitudes of small, round leaves.  Planted in a well-drained area with a mixture of sand and planting soil, succulents can thrive with very little water. Over-watering can quickly cause rot, so it's best to err on the side of neglect with these intriguing and low maintenance plants. Succulents are typically available at lawn care centers and home and garden shows.

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