Reduce Lawn Care with Xeriscaping

A xeriscape is a landscape designed for its water conservation and compatibility with the natural environment. If you're envisioning lots of rocks and straggly looking cactus and shrubbery, think again. Xeriscaping can provide appealing landscape options using drought tolerant plants, along with native plants and trees. It's possible to create colorful floral displays, or unique effects featuring succulents, herbs, or stark "Zen style" designs.

Planning Your Xeriscape

Whether you're landscaping a corner of your lawn or your entire property, a good plan provides a solid foundation for your project. You'll want to ensure that your plan is suitable for the terrain of your yard and includes plants appropriate for your climate. Plants suitable for xeriscaping are often hardy, which means that they work in various designs such as terracing or container gardens for a deck or patio area. If you enjoy a green lawn, don't worry. It may be possible to utilize certain types of turf grass that require little water.

You'll also want to complete a soil analysis to determine if improvements are needed. Organic material such as leaf litter, bark, mulch, and grass cuttings can help soil retain water and nourish plants. Xeriscapes do require some water, so you'll need to install a watering system. Local landscape contractors and garden centers can recommend irrigation systems and give advice for keeping a green lawn and healthy garden. If you're undecided and want to learn more about xeriscapes and other landscaping options, lawn and garden shows offer multiple vendors in one location and can provide many ideas for lawn care and landscape design.

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