Lawn and Garden Buffs Rejoice: Spring is Almost Here

Flipping through seed catalogs and dreaming about what to plant and where, is perfectly normal behavior. Don't worry; your dreaming is going to pay off soon: spring is almost here. You can finally get your hands dirty and start that outdoor home-improvement project.

While many Southerners can already begin planting vegetable gardens, those in the North still have a while before the ground is soft enough for planting--to say nothing of frosts to avoid. Even so, there's still plenty of garden preparation to be done, no matter where you call home.

Home Improvement: Always Something to Do

What you can do now:

  • Cut back ornamental grasses. You've kept them tall all winter, but now's the time to shear them to spur new growth. Clean up other perennials, too
  • Weed and mulch to limit new weeds. Get on top of this task before it becomes a chore
  • Rake your lawn to clear it of leaves, twigs and dead growth; reseed any thin or bare patches
  • Remove burlap tree guards from young trees and shrubs

What you can do at the end of March:

  • Aerate and fertilize your lawn
  • Edge your lawn so that fast growing grass doesn't invade flower beds
  • Have your lawn mower serviced and its blades sharpened
  • Begin vegetable garden seeds inside for transplanting into your garden
  • Prune roses

Now get outside and start enjoying your beautiful lawn and garden!

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