Making Your Garden a Sanctuary

You can create a special place where you can relax and indulge your senses with an array of plants and garden ornaments. Use plants and objects that are pleasing to you, and that reflect your interests. Keep your plan fairly simple to encourage relaxation. If you crowd too many plants and objects into a small area, the effect may be overwhelming.  Here are some tips for creating your sanctuary.

Choose a Theme for Your Sanctuary

Scaling your project to your available space will determine the size and number of plants, furniture, and other objects you'll need. A theme can help you avoid a jumble of unrelated items. Your favorite vacation spot can influence your theme. The beach, the desert, a tropical rain forest, or a French café can provide great ideas for your sanctuary.

Select your largest items first: If your plan calls for a garden bench or small table and chairs, place these items first. This will give you a good idea of what space remains to be filled. Search garage sales and swap meets for unique pieces that can be refurbished with a good scrub or refinishing.

Plants Provide a Natural Touch

Plants create a colorful and peaceful aura for your sanctuary. It's important to select plants that can thrive where you want them to grow. Ferns need shade and moisture, and cacti can't grow in shady and damp environments. Home and garden shows, nurseries, and lawn care specialists can help you choose plants. Growing plants in attractive containers is a great idea for small spaces. Plants grown in containers require more water, but will reward you for their extra care.

Accents are the Icing

Statuary, wind chimes, and found objects such as smooth stones and sea shells make your sanctuary yours. Carefully placed objects will compliment your plants and enhance the theme of your sanctuary.

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