Pink Flamingos: The Lore and Lure of Lawn Ornaments

Home and garden shows and lawn and garden retailers offer a wide array of lawn ornaments that can assist in creating your desired ambience for outdoor living.  Lawn gnomes and gazing globes aside, America's fascination with plastic pink flamingos has made them a pop culture icon.

The popularity of art deco styles during the 1950's led to the invention of one of America's enduring icons, the lawn flamingo. Created by artist Don Featherstone, his original design has been in production on and off through the years, and is widely imitated. The flamboyant birds, rendered in durable pink plastic, have steel rods for legs, and are sold in pairs with one bird standing tall while its companion strikes a demure pose with its neck gracefully curved. The birds' fanciful pink "plumage" is accented by their dark eyes and curved bills of yellow tipped with black.

Flamingos Flocking in Suburbia

Sold at home and garden shows, retail stores and nurseries, a pair of lawn flamingos can add color to the dreariest urban balcony, and provide a tropical touch to your backyard whether you live in Minneapolis or Miami. Although the phenomenon of lawn flamingos is viewed by some to be in questionable taste, it's possible to order a flock of lawn flamingos to mark special occasions. The sudden (and temporary) appearance of a flock of flamingos on your lawn can be a memorable kickoff to any celebration.

If you prefer a less flamboyant display, you can add a flash of flamingo decor to your living areas with a small flamingo garden "spinner" or by hanging flamingo-themed wind chimes on your patio. Hosting an evening soiree? Drape a string of flamingo lights on a large houseplant, buffet table, or balcony railing. Wherever they appear, pink birds with long necks and spindly legs can lend a dash of humor to your décor.

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