Painting Tips

A few painting tips from the pros to make your next painting job a little easier.

Preparation & Painting

1. Paint won't stick to window glass that's been rubbed with a sliver of soap.
2. Lining your paint tray with a large plastic garbage bag will make clean up a breeze and keep the tray dry.
3. A rubber edged dust pan makes an easy to use carpet or floor shield when painting baseboards.
4. Cheap paint is no bargain. Buy the best you can afford. It will perform better, go further and last longer.
5. Two thin coats of paint are always better than one.
6. Remember to wash kitchen surfaces well before painting to remove all grease.
7. A thin layer of petroleum jelly on door knobs, hinges, lock handles and hardware will simplify clean up later.

Clean Up & Storage

1. Remove paint from skin with cooking oil.
2. Nail polish on a rag will remove paint splatters from glass.
3. Save a small amount of paint in a jar for easy touch up.
4. Remove even hardened paint from clothing with equal parts of ammonia and turpentine.
5. Eliminate the paint smell from a room with a tablespoon of ammonia in a pan of water.
6. Mark the final paint level on the side of the can with a crayon so you can easily see how much is left.
7. Use a hammer to firmly close cans and store them upside down to prevent air from creating a skin over the surface.


1. Refurbish paint brushes that are stiff with old paint by soaking them in hot vinegar, then washing them in sudsy water.
2. Use fabric softener in the final rinse water when you're finished painting. It will help keep the bristles soft and pliable.
3. Brushes can be stored in an airtight plastic bag to prevent them from drying out if your project takes more than one day.
4. Brushes won't shed bristles if you apply nail polish along the base of the brush.

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