Flying Rats: Don't let the Pigeons Invade Your Home

There are some things about pest control that you won't learn at a home and garden show. Known as "flying rats," pigeons can pose a challenge that your typical exterminator might have trouble removing from your home.

Don’t Waste Money on Pigeons

Pigeons cause a lot of problems and they don't easily get hints that they're not welcome. Pigeons transmit fleas and ticks, which can be carriers of disease. Pigeon droppings are so acidic they can cause concrete to crumble--not to mention the fact that they're a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The fact is pigeons cost property owners millions of dollars every year.

Pigeon Control is a Job for Experts

You shouldn't take getting rid of pigeons at your home lightly. They can be more difficult to exterminate than rats, and many cities even forbid exterminating pigeons. Once a pigeon decides that your home is his home, he has to be very uncomfortable to give it up. So what can you do? Experts in pigeon control can provide services such as installing pigeon-proof netting on your eaves, spikes on your gutters to discourage roosting, and even ultrasonic technology to frighten them away. Finally, some pest control services offer pigeon relocation services, to humanely remove the birds and while they're away install devices to keep the birds away if they return. So don't let the flying rats take over your home; if you have a pigeon control problem contact a qualified pest control services provider today.


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