Pest-Proof Your Kitchen

All insects play valuable roles in nature. When an insect pops up in your kitchen, however, it can become a pest. From beetles crawling in your cereal to cockroaches ducking under your refrigerator, insects can find many ways to infest your kitchen. First, you need to learn how to identify kitchen pests. Next, you should try non-toxic methods to keep your pests under control.

Common North American Kitchen Pests

Sawtoothed Grain Beetle: This creature loves cereals, grains, sugar, rice, oats, and pet foods. Its body is usually small and flat.

Indian Meal Moth: This tiny worm is pale in color. It also spins a silken web on the surface of any food it infests.

Dermestid Beetles: These pests begin as small, cylinder-shaped larva and mature into oval-shaped beetles. While you can find Dermestid larva in flour, grains, and spices, adult beetles typically migrate to carpets, lights, and windowsills.

German Cockroach: This is the most common type of cockroach in the United States. You can recognize this pest by its two vertical stripes.

Pest-Control Kitchen Ideas

Insecticides can leave harmful residue on your food and kitchen utensils. Instead of chemicals, try using the following safe kitchen ideas for pest control:

  • Move grains and flours to pest-proof containers, including well-sealed glass jars and plastic jugs
  • Use your freezer to store foods that need long-term protection from pests
  • Make sure your kitchen stays clutter-free--this can be especially handy for stopping cockroaches
  • If you have a bug problem that you cannot solve, it may be time to call an exterminator. Not only can an exterminator effectively clean insects from your kitchen, he can give you ideas for permanently keeping your kitchen pest-free.

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