Protect Your House from Termite Damage

More than half the country has heavy concentrations of termites, accounting for billions of dollars of damage each year.

(ARA) - It is widely known that termites can be devastating to homes, but the full extent of their destructiveness is greater than most homeowners realize. Termite damage costs homeowners billions of dollars every year.

Termites inhabit every U.S. state but Alaska. Subterranean termites, the most destructive species, often go undetected, devouring a home from the inside and compromising the structural integrity of the house. Termites are just as likely to attack newly built homes as existing ones and termite damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. For this reason, it’s essential that homeowners take every precaution to prevent disaster from striking.

According to Dr. Mike Potter, Extension Entomologist, University of Kentucky, there are certain steps that can be taken to help protect homes from these devastating creatures:

* Eliminate wood contact with the ground. All wood that is part of the home should be at least six inches above the ground, though up to 18 inches is ideal. Direct wood-to-soil contact by wood siding, porch steps, latticework, posts, etc. provides termites with easy, hidden access into a home. Likewise, avoid placing firewood against your home and use mulch sparingly.

* Prevent moisture accumulation near the foundation. Since termites are attracted to moisture, it’s important to direct water away from the foundation. Leaky water pipes and air conditioning units should be repaired; gutters, splash blocks and downspouts kept in good condition; and the ground next to the foundation should slope away from the house, if possible.

* Reduce humidity in crawl spaces. Ensure that there is proper ventilation in crawl spaces and prevent shrubs and other vegetation from covering up the vents.

* Consider hiring a licensed pest management professional. Schedule periodic home inspections by a professional pest control firm. If necessary, hire a pro to eliminate your worries and get renewed protection each year.

“Termites are a significant problem in the United States and though there are certain measures that can be taken to make a house less attractive to them, the best time to protect a home against termites is before it is built,” says Dr. Nan-Yao Su, Professor of Entomology, University of Florida.

An innovative pre-construction product that protects some of the most common termite entry points is IMPASSE Termite Blocker. It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of all termites enter a home through the foundation. IMPASSE Termite Blocker is the only product that specifically targets tiny gaps in the foundation along pipes.

Installed before the foundation is poured, it prevents termite entry through those gaps with two layers of durable plastic that have a strong termiticide “locked in.” This design provides decades of protection with virtually no exposure to the environment or your family. Plus, IMPASSE Termite Blocker is 100 percent effective, comes with a five-year re-treat and damage repair warranty, and complements existing termite treatments.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make and it deserves to be well protected. If you insure your car against damage, why wouldn’t you make sure your home is protected from termites too?

For more information, or to request a product brochure for you or your builder, visit www.impasse.com.

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