Plumbing Tips For DIY Homeowners

Plumbing installation or plumbing repair is one of those topics that sometimes scare homeowners. The tools used and maybe even the fact that the plumbing is generally underneath the house might be the culprit that fuels this fear. Any type of DIY project is one that can be intimidating at first, however at second glance it is basically just a matter of doing a little research as well as the desire to refrain from calling a repairman! These tips will help keep everything moving in the right direction (no pun intended) as well as cut down on common pipe troubles.

Cleaning The Plumbing Up

Things such as shower heads, garbage disposals and drains are the most common plumbing repairs that are requested. It may be the shower that has a slow stream or the garbage disposal that smells terrible regardless of how many lemons it eats alive, or a slow draining sink. In most cases these issues can be rectified by simply cleaning, that's right a good old fashioned plumbing cleaning! The shower head can be removed, and soaked in warm vinegar for several hours. Vinegar helps to break down the buildup of minerals and other sediment that the water has built up over time. One tip is to ensure that the shower has a good stream without the shower head, as this will narrow the problem to the shower head. Drains can be snaked out to remove any blockage that might have built up.

In most cases a slow drain means that there is hair, soap scum, and other debris that is not allowing the water to flow freely. And, about that garbage disposal, instead of turning to a plumbing installation professional, how about filling the sink with hot water and adding ½ cup oxygen bleach (not chlorine as it damages the drain) to break down all the build up in the disposal! It works and saves some money from avoiding plumbing repairs!

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