Above Ground Pools: Smart Summer Fun

When it comes to swimming pools, above ground options can make it easy and affordable to have fun in the sun. Above ground pool technology is maturing to offer fiber optic lighting, heating, and even slides. Some owners use their pools as fountains when they're not swimming in them. If you explore the options for your home at a garden show, chances are you'll be hooked on these intelligent pool designs.

Float Away in an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are more than just an inexpensive way to get wet in the back yard. They're smart. If you're considering selling your home at any point, remember that many buyers consider an in-ground pool to be a liability because they will always require maintenance and be hazardous to young children. Conversely, above ground pools can be easily taken down during colder months to save on cleaning, wear and tear, and chemical costs. Above ground pools can be completely removed with relative ease, if desired, to reduce the hazard to infants and children.

Step Up to the Latest Generation of Above Ground Pools

With new high tech materials, above ground pools last longer and look better than ever. You can get fiber optic lighting systems to rival the best in-ground pools, along with state of the art heating and filtration units. Add a deck to surround your pool, and you've got a backyard water center fit for a king.



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