Roofing Is All About Decisions

Roofing is a big decision, not to mention large expense. This decision coupled with choosing between the many roofing styles can be difficult. Not only must the roof be sturdy it is also about the look or appearance that it gives the home. That is a leading reason that roofing manufacturers have designed new roofing designs to accommodate the pickiest of home owners.

Rubber Roofing - Good Looking & Durable

Rubber roofing is a good roofing style for flat, low sloped or high sloped roofs. These types have been in use for about 15 years. There are many styles and colors that make it a good roofing design to install. Because rubber is so flexible it can be molded to a number of imitation styles, which looks strikingly similar to the real thing! They can be made to look like shingles, slates or shakes. They are easy to install and have relatively no maintenance.

Metal Roofing - Sturdy & Everlasting

Metal roofing designs cost more initially however they pay for themselves through the low maintenance. Choices for homeowners include a smooth or textured finish as well as many colors. Metal roofing styles can also look like shingles, slates or even a wood look. They are also strong, fire safe and hold up well during storms of heavy wind, hair and rain.

There are many different roofing styles and designs, some of the homeowner's choice should depend on what they like, but there is always cost that factors in as well. Take the time to research different roofing materials to find the right fit for your particular home. Remember most of the roofing materials can be installed by the homeowner with a few tools and learning a little bit about the installation process itself!

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