The Care and Feeding of Roofing Shingles

Roofing materials are fairly expensive, and replacing shingles before their time costs even more. If you have recently built or re-roofed your house, you may be interested in some ways to extend the life of your new roof. If you have recently bought a house and do not want to buy a new roof as well, then these tips may help you postpone the inevitable for a few more years.

  1. Inspect your roofing shingles, gutters and fascia boards yearly or after severe weather events. Repair or replace any damaged or broken components immediately.
  2. Do not fasten products to or through your roofing shingles. Satellite dishes can be effectively attached to outside walls, and vents or skylights should be installed at the same time the roofing is done.
  3. Keep your roof adequately ventilated; a ridge vent on the peak of your roof will provide enough ventilation to keep the roofing shingles from degrading.
  4. Limit the traffic on your roof. Excessive walking on or dragging things across your roof will put wear and tear on your roofing shingles that they weren’t engineered for.
  5. Roofing shingles should be cleaned periodically to remove dirt, mold and chemicals. Debris that piles up in corners, around vents or against chimneys can harbor moisture, mold and critters, all of which can damage your roofing shingles and the materials below them.

Roof maintenance is an issue homeowners often neglect until something expensive happens. Remember that maintaining your roofing shingles will not only protect your roof, but the rest of your house as well.

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