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The FBI's recent Crime in the United States report estimates that over 9 million property crime offenses were committed in the U.S. in 2009, resulting in total losses of 15.2 billion dollars. Although the 2009 figure represents a drop of 4.6 percent since 2008, and a drop of 8.4 percent over five years, it is still a significant number of crimes. And the statistics don't represent the true impact of property crime on the individuals and families who are the victims.

Cut crime; install a home security system

The drop in property crime statistics could be explained in part by improvements in home security systems. An alarm system is an excellent way to protect your home. Home security systems can be as simple or as complex as you want, and you can install an alarm system to suit any budget. You can have a basic system that triggers if the doors or windows are opened, a more complex system with motion sensors or panic buttons or one that allows windows to be left slightly open. You can even have an intruder alarm system that also functions as a smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarm.

Choosing a home security alarm system

There are many kinds of wired and wireless alarm systems. Wireless systems are easier to install yourself. You can have a system that is monitored by a specialist security company that responds if the system is triggered. Unmonitored alarm systems can be very effective at deterring a would-be burglar from continuing in your home, but only if you live near your neighbors so the burglar has a realistic fear of being discovered.

Simply having a sign outside your home and obvious evidence of a home security system is often enough to deter a burglar.

Home security systems that combine indoor elements such as sensors on doors and windows and outdoor elements such as motion-sensitive lighting can be particularly effective and can be easy to install.


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