The Internet is Changing the Look of Home Monitoring Systems

The age of Internet protocol (IP) enabled security systems is changing the look of home security. Now checking up on your home while you're away is as easy as checking your e-mail. Used in conjunction with a smart phone, new home security systems can notify you immediately if there is a disturbance at your house, and you can use an IP security camera to send images to your phone or e-mail account at any time.

Lock or Unlock Doors, Turn on lights, or Set the Thermostat

Home monitoring and security systems now give you the flexibility to operate your home's environment from afar. You can adjust the temperature to warm or cool your home before you return from being away. You can turn on all your lights with the touch of a button, and with IP cameras, you can always keep an eye on your possessions. While older security systems provided basic features such as door and window sensors and they could notify police and fire departments of problems, newer systems keep you more directly in touch with your home.

IP Cameras Break Loose from their Wired Tethers

With IP cameras and wireless Web technology, you no longer need to string wires to connect security cameras, and your cell phone provides go-anywhere monitoring access. Streaming video on smartphones is now a common reality. Step up to the newest home security technology and start enjoying better protection!


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