How to Maintain Wooden Siding

If you have installed siding on your home, some minor repairs or maintenance may be required on an ongoing basis to ensure that your home's beauty lasts. Over time, weather and external elements will weather your vinyl, fiber cement, or wood siding, which in the case of the latter will cause paint to chip and cracks to develop.

In the case of wood siding, one easy maintenance steps is to touch up the paint. Scrape away the old paint to ensure that the new paint doesn't crack prematurely. You can use a scraper to remove the prior paint from the wood siding surface. Once you have removed the old paint, it is recommended to prime the wood prior to painting your new coats. Multiple paint coats are more effective than thicker, single paint jobs. When possible, purchase the highest quality paint that your budget can afford. Higher quality paint will reduce the ongoing touch-ups required and will extend the life of your paint project.

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