Metal Siding Can Be an Attractive Option

Many people prefer to use a less expensive siding on their barns, detached garages, and storage buildings--but inexpensive siding doesn't have to be unattractive. Metal siding is one of the least expensive siding materials available, and it has come a long way since the early days of galvanized panels.

Metal Siding is Available in Enough Colors to Make Crayola Proud

Most metal siding manufacturers offer numerous color options for their metal siding panels. Depending on the style of panel, you may have 30 or more colors to choose from. Many manufacturers use a process that bakes the color onto the panels, making them resistant to fading and minor scratching. Some companies offer warranties on fading for their products that use this type of finish. Fasteners and trim pieces are usually available to match your metal siding panels.

Fancy or Plain, Metal Siding Can Meet Your Needs

You can customize your barn or storage building to suit your design preferences with metal siding, as there are many styles and profiles from which to choose. Panels are available in widths of 24 or 36 inches, or even larger. Metal siding panels are made in lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet, and you can even get panels up to 24 feet long. Choose a simple corrugated panel, or decorative ribbed panels of different styles. Rib spacing and depth can vary, depending on the look you want.

There is an option for insulating your building with metal siding, as well. Roll insulation specifically made for structures with metal siding is available in several sizes. Most insulation for metal siding can be covered on the interior with a vinyl protective covering, but if that is not enough protection for your needs, interior metal liner panel sheets can also be used.

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