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The green movement continues to call attention to one natural power source we often overlook - the sun. Solar power, which has been around for years in a variety of forms, is now taking on new meaning for those who are serious about reducing gas and electricity usage.

New technologies allow builders, remodelers and general contractors to use solar power to heat water for homes, businesses and even swimming pools. Imagine eliminating your water heater or powering a large greenhouse in the back of your home through solar power. Regardless of the final form, solar power reduces our dependency on other natural resources.

The renewable nature of solar power is a big selling point for contractors and homeowners alike. The sun is always around to generate power, even when tucked behind a few clouds. Even when used to supplement an existing power source, solar power can go a long way in helping green the environment and reducing gas and electricity usage, not to mention the lower energy bills. That's something everyone can embrace.

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