Versatile Groundcovers Solve Your Lawn and Garden Problems

Are you a homeowner facing challenges of extreme climate, difficult terrain, and conservation needs? Groundcover plants can provide solutions while adding beauty and interest to your lawn and garden. Many groundcovers grow quickly and can help minimize lawn care.

Groundcovers are available in varying colors, textures, and growth habit. Benefits of groundcover plants include:

  • Weed Control: A dense growth of groundcover can help prevent germination of weed seeds, and can act as living mulch that restricts weed growth.
  • Protection against Climate Extremes: Groundcover plants can assist in regulating soil temperature and preventing rapid evaporation. This enhances growth and helps minimize watering.
  • Minimize erosion and water run-off: Groundcovers can be particularly useful in steep or sloping lawn areas. These plants can form strong webs of leaves and stems above ground, and a network of roots that helps to keep soil in place.

It's important to select groundcover varieties that grow well in your climate. You can attend a home and garden show or consult a lawn care specialist to learn which groundcovers can best meet your needs.

Groundcovers Add Interest to Your Lawn

If you're looking for interesting ways to add color and texture to your lawn and garden areas, groundcovers can enhance the appearance of trees and shrubs while adding their own beauty. You can find evergreens, herbs, and even fruits such as strawberries that will work as groundcover. Drought resistant types such as sedum can grow in desert climates, while shade-loving varieties such as ajuga provide unique color and flowers in shady areas. Getting started with groundcovers is easy as they are widely available in garden centers.

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