1950s California Ranch Bathroom Remodel

Hi, I’m Robert with JRGI and today we’re going to be talking about a bathroom remodel that we’re doing on a California ranch home. Basically it’s your standard 1950s ranch style bathroom. You had your sink over here in the corner, shower next to it and then the toilet back here. Very standard set up. They had a vanity that was a little bit wider than normal and actually what they had done was just get a regular standard sized vanity. Vanity’s kind of standard size it was 36 inch, 30 inch, 48 inch. They’re easy to…it’s kind of like mass production so that you don’t have to wait a long time to be able to get them and the pricing is a little bit less than if you were to go custom. So they had a standard size in here but because they wanted to be able to fit a corner shower in, they ended up spacing the vanity out a couple of inches on each side. Because of that, it brings this wall down a little bit further where you can see here’s the old hot and cold water valve. This used to be the wall right here. And then the dam or the curving which is this section right here; that’s what you step over to get into the shower. They used to be back about another six inches. And then the wall was right over here. So it’s a very tight, confined space for a shower. To top it off, they had a very low ceiling in here as well. So when you came in and you got into the shower it was a very claustrophobic feeling.

The homeowners here, a retired couple, they wanted to be able to open this up and do a couple of things. They wanted more light so they could be able to see what they doing and then also, have a little bit more room. So what we ended up doing…we went with the standard sized vanity here, the 36 inch. Now we can bump this wall down and the other thing we did to allow more light, we cut this wall in half, did a pony wall. And so glass will go from the top of this on up. This allows more light from the vanity area as well as some overhead cans we’re going to put in, recessed lighting, to be able to come into this bathroom area. So this wall will be duplicated over on this side as well. Two glass walls and then we’ll do a glass door.

Now with moving this wall out, pushing this out a few more inches, we have enough room that in the corner here we can put a little bench seat for the home owner. It’ll just run in a diagonal and then this plumbing will go into the wall over here. What it allows them to do, is when they get into the shower, he can sit down and hot and cold water is right here. The shower head is right there as well. So he can pick it up if he wants to shower his back or however he wants to do it. But, it’s a lot more convenient set up for them. So a couple of things that you see lying around, we got some 2x4s. To bump the ceiling height up, we’ve removed a lot of the framing that was in here. Now we’ve got to go in and add backing or essentially put 2x4s in. So we’ve cut these to length and we’ve propped one there and there. This one’s a little bit long and its going to go right in that spot there. That just gives us something to attach the sheetrock to when we put the ceiling back up because that’ll run and be a complete seam all the way across to there. So when you come into this bathroom, the new one, you’ll look at the shower and it’ll be much more open and the seam will be flushed all the way across.

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