Framing a Shower and Prepping for Hot Mop

Now what I’m doing, I’m just doing the frame for the shower right now and getting ready for hot mop. And then basically what we’ll do, once we get this all framed, we’ll get it sheet rocked with green board on the outside, ready for the hot mop and then the tile guys. Basically we’re going to move this drain from the center because this is the old shower valve. We’re actually moving the shower valve over to this side now and we’re going to center the drain right here in the middle now. And then basically we’ll back this out for the hot mop guys, put three-quarters around the rim, put some ¾ plywood to slope down the water for the hot mop guys and then get it ready for towel. That’s basically pretty much it.

So, we’re headed into at a 22 degree angle. With the glass, we’re going to frame this glass and so you can only go a 22 degree or 90 degree when you’re doing an angle. So we had to be able to come out enough so that we could keep it at a 22 degree angle and yet still put that wall over in there.

What Jamie is doing now is just trimming the sheet rock back about half an inch and that way we can run our wall back into there and when pop in a new sheet rock, we’ll get a nice, clean seam right by that area.

When we were trimming back the sheet rock earlier by about half an inch, that way when we pop this wall in, Jamie can put that over and it’ll get nice and leveled. We want it to be straight up and down. We don’t want this to be tilting, one way or another, too far in. So if you’ve got the sheet rock too far over, it’s going to hit against that and then you can’t get it in just all the way.

So once it’s leveled, you nail it down and you’re ready to go.

And there it is. We’ll just level this all out, sheet rock it with green board and it’ll be ready for the tile and hot mop guys.

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