Installing the Door Trim and Hardware


  • Measure

  • Mitre saw

  • Hand drill or Screwdriver

Measure your top trim piece about 3/16 in from each edge and use the mitre saw to cut off the excess at a 45 degree angle. Then cut the opposite edge of the trim along the other direction of the 45-degree angle. Always wear safety goggles.
Align the top piece of trim and hold it in place on the bottom of the trim with a #4 nail , but don't drive them home until you're sure all trim is aligned and in place. Line up one of the outside casements and mark to the 45-degree cut with the top piece of trim. Nail it and the top frame with the #6 nails along the outside edges of the trim.
Last, install the lockset. Make sure the set is flush, then thread in the screws. Insert the handle for the outside of the door first and the slotted inside-end of the handle on the other side of the door. Hand tighten the screws with a screwdriver. The striker place goes last. It's pre-routed out in the frame, so install it with the screwdriver. The door should swing feely and lock easily. You're done!

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