Five Steps to Install or Replace an Interior Door

Ever wanted to install a pre-hung door in a space between two open rooms? Want step-by-step, simple instructions to handle the job right? Here are some videos by expert Pat Caporuscio that won't steer you wrong.
Step 1. Preparing the space to hang a door.
We're going to hang a door in the basement going to the furnace room. First, take your tape measure, and measure the height of the opening. We have 82 and a half inches to this side and will measure the opposite side to ensure the opening is square. It is. Then we measure the width to see if our 36-inch door will fit.
Materials: pre-hung 36" door and knob set.

  • Prybar.

  • Finish hammer with a smooth face so you won't leave marks.

  • Nail set-punch.

  • Utility knife.

  • Phillips screwdriver.

  • 4-8 shims.

  • Mitre saw (power or hand operated) Power is easiest way.

  • Tape measure.

  • Drill gun (or use a hand screwdriver).

  • Pencil for marking.

  • Level.

  • #4, #6, and #8 finishing nails.

Steps to check before you hang or replace a door:

  1. Check that the framing is set.

  2. Jack studs support the header.

  3. King stud (main 2x4s) is set.

  4. Main 2x4 headers are in place.

  5. Cripplers fill in the space for the nailers.

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