Set Pre-hung Door into Place


  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Finishing nails

  • Hammer

  • Shims

For the first step, remove the door's shipping stop (by removing shipping screw) with your drill. Always work from the back side of the door as you lift it into place (have someone support it from the rear) with the hinges to the side from which you raise the door. Shims are preset on bottom to keep it off the ground to leave room for linoleum or carpet. The door should not rest on the concrete floor.
Push the door so it's set flush with the drywall all around.
Put the finishing nail in frame between the first and third screw in the hinge. It will hold the door in the frame while you adjust it. Put starter nails on the opposite side, about 7 inches from the floor to hold it in place. Use the level on the top and measure for a flat top surface on the door. If it's not level, tap up sides with the shims and measure it again. Now you're ready for step three.

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