8 Signs It May Be Time For Replacement Windows

Simple window repair jobs can fix some minor window problems, but for older windows that have passed their expiration date, replacement windows may be the best option. This is not all bad news, though. Replacement windows can positively impact your home's energy efficiency and may even increase the value of your home. Read on for some telltale signs that your windows need replacing.

Windows don't open or close properly.

Ideally, windows should open and close in a smooth motion. Windows that need to be propped up with a stick or other object to stay open are not only a nuisance, but can be dangerous, especially for children and pets in the home. Windows that are painted or swelled shut should also be considered replacement candidates.

Your exterior house paint is peeling, especially near the windows.

This may be caused by moisture seeping out from the windows due to faulty window sealing. Or, older window frames may experience warping due to temperature extremes. When the frame expands and contracts, it can cause the exterior paint around it to peel.

Condensation forms between the panes of double-paned windows.


In cold months, frost and ice form on your windows.


You find spots on the windows that feel warmer or colder to the touch than the rest of the glass.

Any of the above issues indicate poor insulation or faulty thermal material in the window. Over time, the moisture that builds up on and around the windows can lead to mold, mildew, and window deterioration. Window replacement can help you save on heating and cooling bills by providing proper insulation for your home.

Your windows seem to allow more noise from the outside than they should.

Noisy windows can be a real deterrent to your peace of mind. Since this is usually another indicator of poor insulation, the problem may be accompanied by drafts.

Wood window frames seem "soft."

One way to test this is to tap the frame with a flat-head screwdriver. If the wood indents easily, it may be a sign of decay and likely means a full window replacement is necessary.

The window doesn't seem sturdy when you apply gentle pressure to it.

A window shouldn't move much under gentle pressure. If it does, it is another indicator of decay and could pose a real safety threat.

Replacement windows can give your home exterior an instant facelift and keep you and your family safer and more secure in your home. If your windows have seen better days, make the smart choice and invest in replacement windows.


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